who’s bottle?

Inspired by this, and thus I’m writing this.

4-times-fat mentioned that he’s a fat fella who shave and bath based on a timetable, me, on the other hand, do that whenever I feel like it. I can bath 0 times for the whole week, or bath up to 7 to 10 times a day especially when it’s hot hot hot. I’m unpredictable, and yes, I’m evil. I blast at ppl here whenever I feel like it, and hate me for that for I don’t care.

And to divert, I remembered the last time I blasted at some bloggers and I got some nasty replies. Ya ya, papaya… heck all those comments. Yes, I don’t know those blogger in person. They must have been sweet in person but I don’t care. Maybe they are the lau jiau of the msian blogger world, and that they are the oh-so-elite people, but my msg to those air-headed people is: go screw yourself with a soft banana; it’s there, or at least you think it’s there, but you are missing out on the real deal.

okay. back to me me me. i’m evil, more evil than fat-fat-fat-fat. and i don’t care, and my entries are unforgiving. and yes, I subscribe to the idea of being anonymous for i can write write write whatever i want. you can even call me a coward for being an unknown, but know this, i don’t care, again, i don’t care…

ok. a long DYK: I’m not in malaysia now. Currently in singapore. In a few days time, leaving on a jet plane to Japan for about a week. Then maybe be stopping by Thailand. gonna gulp Tigers, gonna drink Asahi till my throat’s super dry. gonna drink Chang or Singha beer till I concus, and in between, maybe tiny cute little bottles of vodka?


One Response to “who’s bottle?”

  1. Fat4 Says:

    hehehe you are not evil, you are cute. 🙂

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