sauna and steamroom and pool- part 1

this is a gym post.

recently, i started to adopt a healthier lifestyle, i.e. lesser alcohol intake (note: it’s LESSER), and cutting down on cigarette, and took up gym and began to go to the pool to swim.

since i’ve just started, i’m not going to talk about my health progress, but rather on what i’ve observed.

For part one, I’ll talked about the steamroom and sauna room. I start off by defining these 2 rooms (maklumlah… ada orang tak tau yang mana steamroom dan yang mana sauna…)

Steamroom, is the one full of steam lar, where your vision can be limited due to the hot vapour. And the sauna is the one with the wooden seat wan lar, most probably with this heater with rocks on it, and ppl can sprinkle water on it.

(Those that you rendam inside air, it’s called jacuzzi. Some are called whirlpool due to the way the water inside the tube move lar…)

And first thing first- Malaysian guys are very shy people. VERY VERY SHYYYYYYY…. *blush *blush

I don’t know why, but I’ve seen so many guys wearing underwear or swimming trunk, and then put towels on, and then only go into the sauna or steamroom. KNS. Not comfortable mer? Your brother down there not screaming for help mer? Fine, so you and your brother are used to it, but you should just know that it’s not good for ur swimmers hor to cook them in sauna, and FURTHERMORE in your underwear…

Fine… Some places requires swimming trunk to be worn, but KNS, those places do not provide towels wan lar… At the gym, it’s perfectly fine (correct me if i’m wrong) to take it off, and wrap a towel around.

I really cannot understand how ppl can bear with the discomfort…

And of course, there are the ang mohs, or those who behave like ang mohs, who go all naturale. As much as I wanna say, that’s the way brother! I’m not at all gonna say that. Reason being that these group of ppl, they tend to have not much regard to others around. I dunno why, but perhaps they are looking down on people who are shy and not comfortable with their bodies, but they will strut around with arms wide wide, and with their di di swinging around.

Yes, ang mohs have bigger dicks, and its swinging, KNS, some times must ‘siam’ wan you know. Of all things, to get touched or worse, slapped by some other guys di di is damn fuckingly disgusting. Use dettol to wash oso won’t do.

So this is what I have to say:
Guys, be kind to your brother down there. A towel wrapped around your waist is good enough. And for those people who likes to go all naked, be a bit more considered. In this part of the world, guys are not that used to seeing people naked around, and worse, swinging their dicks around.

And this set me wondering, do girls wear bra and panties into the sauna/ steamroom?
And worse still, further wrap their bodies in towel?
And worse-er still, put another towel around their neck, and covering their shoulder?
And worse-er-er still, wrap their hair in another towel?
Or do girls just wrap in towels? And then go all naked in the sauna/ steamroom?
Or do they actually walk around naked in the changing room?! Hmmmmm…..


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