in Malaysia are generally divided into 3 categories.

1) The general beings
This group of drivers are the everyday driver you’ll encounter at about 80% of the time when you are at the road, at parking lots, and so on. These are the people who drive at the unwrittenly acceptable speed. These are the people who drive with full knowledge of what’s the use of all the lights in front and at the back, and oso at the side of the cars. These are the good people, also the boring people.

2) The hell drivers
These are the ppl who drive damn fast like rushing to reincarnate. They drive fast on highways, on jammed road, in parking lots, at small roads, every where. Fast fast fast. They just love it. It’s pretty dangerous, but generally this group of people are pretty ok.

3) The asshole drivers
These are the people who know the functions of the lights and horn for all the wrong reason. You signal to cut in front of them, when there is ample space, they horn, they flash their lights. They brake sukak sukak. They stop whenever they like it without any consideration at all.

Now, here comes the asshole me criticizing.

First off:
Johor drivers, specifically JB drivers.
They are the ultimate asshole drivers, be it in their state, or in other states. They are worst of the worst lot. They drive slowly when it is perfectly fine, almost necessary to drive fast. And they drive fast when they are suppose to drive slow. They love to signal that they are turning out, and actually turn out instantly without looking if any car approaching from the back.

Penang drivers
Be cautious when you see cars with PXX #### plate. They U-turn whenever they like. They cut lanes whenever they please. They flash and flash and flash and horn and horn and horn whenever they want. They think they are the king/ queen of the road. No use arguing if accident happens- they always think they are right. And worse, if the driver is some old man/ lady. Expect the most unexpected things ever

KL drivers
There’s a saying, there are not KL ppl. And thus, I would extend that, saying, there are no true blue KL drivers. KL drivers are actually from all over Malaysia, so expect all kinds of rojak pattern of drivers. But generally, once they have adopt the WXX #### plate, they are ok… except for a few assholes… but that’s fine. A mixed group

Ipoh drivers and Malacca drivers
They are the dumb ass drivers. If they have been staying in Cheras, for example, they are good drivers there. Else where, they are dumb ass. They are just rather stupid drivers generally. They are basically fish-out-of-water drivers when they are at places they are not familiar. They basically become dumb dumb dumb. So, if u see AXX #### or MXX #### drivers in east coast area, chances are, you can bully them. They basically belong to group 1, except if they are on not-so-familiar roads

East coast drivers.
TXX ####, KXX #### and CXX ####…. they are basically rather boring drivers. SO boring, that it’s irritating as you venture north of the east coast. CXX #### are boring. TXX #### gets on ppl’s nerve sometimes, and KXX #### gets on other drivers’ nerve all the time. They can drive so sloooooowwwwwwwww.. snail can be faster even. If if you are to visit Trengganu or Kelantan, you’ll find the local drivers driving in the middle of the land, slooowwwwlllllyyyyy…. WTF WTF WTF! even if it’s double line ok?!!?

other states’ drivers, I’ve yet to encounter extensively enough to comment.

DYK: I drive a Kancil


One Response to “Drivers”

  1. snowybabie Says:

    posted by a driver with PXX #### plate, who U-turn whenever she likes, reversing whenever & wherever she likes, going opposite direction in 1-way lane & many more…but seldom horn, not becos she don’t want to but simply becos the horn not functioning…BEAWARE…if you see an old lady doing karaoke session while driving…hmmm…definitely is ME…wahaha ;p

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