Smokers, we already have bad breath

let’s not have bad manners.

Sometimes, some smokers really go all out heck-caringly about others.

Me myself hate it, whenever someone blow 2nd hand smoke at me. wtf. what’s ur fucking problem? i don’t need your processed smoke. even if u a stranger offer me a puff, i’ll say no. dunno what kind of germs u have in ur saliva at the cig butt.


so… this is a courtesy shit for fellow smokers. btw, it’s not a dictation. it’s just my opinion. take it or leave it, but don’t tell me not to tell others what to do. it’s my blog, and i write it as i like.

1) when you are at a club, know this: it’s NOT cool at all holding your cigarette on the dance floor. Some assholes (guys and girls same same wan) think it’s the damn coolest thing to swing their fag on the air to the beat of the music. what? that glow is very nice izit? it’s hazardous also ok?! if you like that kinda effect, go buy urself some glow sticks instead.

2) when u blow out the smoke. blow upwards expecially in a crowded area. if dunno how, learn. if u think it’s not cool, learn how to make it cool.

3) do not ever ever ever ever ever smoke while you are queuing. people around you will hate u and curse you. what, cannot tahan mer? if cannot, step aside.

4) respect the NO SMOKING sign. wtf!?! this is the same goes to ppl who litter at a NO LITTER sign, who spit at NO SPITTING sign.

5) if you know you going to kiss someone, especially if that someone is a non-smoker, or even a smoker, make sure your breath doesn’t have that distinctive smell. I smoke, but I hate kissing a smoker. I understand the presence of the smell, but that does not mean I hate the smell.

6) Don’t smoke in your friend’s car, even if your friend’s a smoker. Of course, you might ask ‘for permission’. But what do you want your friend to say? Saying ‘no’ is quite contradicting. Now why shouldn’t smoke in your friend’s car? Well, your ashes might drop in your friend’s car. Some ‘burning’ ashes might drop in the car. Many other reasons…

7) If you don’t have a lighter, ask politely. Don’t just take it, light up, and put it back. That’s not pleasant at all even though you return it.

8) Don’t smoke in the lift. Especially if there are toddlers, babies, old folks, or any other ppl.

9) Don’t take smoking as a right, it’s a privilege. DOn’t agree? Too bad.

And finally,

10) Smoking is bad for your health. Deal with that.

Now, anything else- except saying “Stop smoking”- to add?


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