work matters

recently, i was involved in a project whereby the person in-charge is not in control of the situation.

mind you, i don’t blame anyone for this project going haywire.

for your information, I am to help out with the person in-charge with the documentation and subsequently, the full production stage, where I’ll lead a team to develop the prototype and the whole product.

the client has been pretty much pain-in-the-ass, with requirements changed at the very last minutes. fine, that’s what’s expected of the client, as this is pretty much the first time they are embarking on developing this product themselves.

the person in-charge, yes, he wasn’t in control and i think it’s pretty much because he’s green and he doesn’t know the how-to.

so in the end, we ended with a super duper assholic mutherfuckingly full-of-nonsense holy-smokingful deadlines with i know, my production team will bitch about.

and finally, i was tasked to work on the schedule.

ok…. the whole scenario above is bad. but what i really hate most is this: office politic.

forget about the client’s fault on being damn indecisive… let’s look at the internal situation.

the deadlines are damn tight now, and still, i see people putting up some ass-protecting shield. shit that!

this is the truth: i don’t care about office politics, i don’t care about reasons. i don’t care about explanation. i care about delivery. can we deliver on time, based on the mutherfucking schedule. i have no time and energy to ponder over what went wrong, what ought to be done, and all sorts of lamenting. i wanna find out, whether or not the feasibility is there to complete this project.

but still, some people go around, wasting my time, trying to explain what went wrong, what should be the case. FUCK YOU!

The person in-charge try to put a brave upfront but heck! if I were to tear it apart, that fella will go back crying. The immediate supervisor of the fella in-charge is trying to explain the situation, shit that! I don’t have the time to listen as I’m trying to come up with remedy. Then there are the specialist of the subject, trying to salvage their ideas which were torn apart by the client. I say, go to hell! Work harder to understand what the clients want and come up with something the client will be please, and not something you simply think will be good. Know this: what you think is good, doesn’t necessary mean the client is think is good. You think you know all ar? Go jump off the bridge lar! If you doesn’t have an open mind for suggestion from client, you’ll just be re-doing your part of coming up with requirements and prototypes, and in the ned, the development team will suffer as your part will take longer time than allocated.

So, all in all, I’m in a assholic situation, where I will make some people unhappy, in order to make it for the deadlines. I’m not going to make the production team unhappy, as I’ll be working with them directly to produce the product, so, the prototype people, you are in deep shit… I’m going to work you like mad now.

Anticipate that!


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