valentine’s day in singapore

i was walking around in singapore at night during valentine’s day.

and yes, i was alone, walking along Orchard Road.

yes, it’s sad.

but i saw was equally sad.

call me a sore loser or whatever, i don’t care. but this is what i got to say:

i saw couples, and couples and couples.

firstly: the guy and the girl couple.
some of them, they just look plain tired. with one of them holding the rose, a bunch or a stalk, dragging themselves on the walkway. apparently, they must had had a rushed through expensive valentine’s dinner at some posh hotel/ restaurants. or that they had a simple meal at one of the crowded fast food restaurant and they just finished some crappy movie at crowded cinema. worst, the unfortunate ones who did not make reservation, and could not decide on what to end, and while walking on the street, the guy decided to buy the girl a flower from one of those vendors on the street, and before they both knew it, they simply grew tired of the day and just strolling around. whatever it was, they just look damn tired.

then, there were those lovey dovey ones. and they were all dressed to the nine. chances were, the guy had splashed hundreds if not thousands for that day to make the girl all happy. in other words, happiness belong to the rich ones on this day. i saw a couple who were so damn lovely towards each other. then i saw the car the guy, who doesn’t even look like he’s over puberty, drove- a BMW. then, i saw another couple; they were all dressed up all expensive- i supposed they were pretty rich. then, while taking the bus back, i saw another lovey dovey couple and i thought, i could be proven wrong here. and then, i saw the couple alighted at Sixth Avenue (basically a place where some of the rich people stay).

then, there were another type of couple: two girls.

nope, they didn’t look very lesbo to me, rather, they looked like two single girls who did not want to spend Valentine’s Day alone at home. And when two girls had the same idea, they decided to go out. these girls, truth is, i don’t know what they did actually. did they go around picking at couples, commenting on what they wear, buying each other roses… whatever.

and the guy-guy couple… well, i didn’t see any.

and there are the group dates. these were the ones that were nervous and try to be cool about it. they were the ones who didn’t know what to do when alone with their partners, so they called their friends along. and they had group dates. group dates are fun; they laughed, they took photographs together, they jumped around, and so on. it’s simply not personal, and they just wanna make sure that that day went well. it’s a safe bet.

then there was this combination: a group of girls. this is an extension of two girls. and this is even sadder. and they tried to cheer themselves up by being bitchy and heck care about the rest of the world. they laughed loud, they became inconsiderate. they just heck care… bitches in a group, what can be worse?

well, a boy-girl couple, and a LIGHTBULB!
that’s just the worst combo ever. oh come on!!!! being a bulb during valentine’s day? whatever reason it was, it’s just a pure pure loser being a BULB.

it’s so sad. i was sad. and what i saw, it was sad as well. i didn’t feel love, i didn’t see love.

i shall drown myself in alcohol.


One Response to “valentine’s day in singapore”

  1. snowybabie Says:

    wat bout those who went to the gym n trying to workout like hell???
    *’s just so sad…
    Vday…such a shitty day…

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