when it’s no longer

the companion that matters…

I’ve made ‘arrangement’ to watch Memoirs of a Geisha next week. It’s a movie that I wanted to watch right now. It has been quite some time, when I feel deserted by my friends, or at least people whom I thought are my friends. I wanted to watch it alone, but then again, I don’t want to bump into anyone.

I don’t care you know, if anyone sees me watching movie alone, for I’d done it before- many times- and people had gawked before- many times. But I simply can’t stand it when people ask and remarked it to my face: oh! you watching it alone? how come? never cio me along.

Yea right. Like for real.

I’ve cio you so many times but you are never free, got this lar, got that lar. Forget it.

Why? Cannot watch movie alone izit? You are watching movie, not chatting along in the cinema or anything like that. Cannot mer? Go die.


So I decided to ask a few people whether or not they want to watch and they said okay. I told them to book the tickets, and they did. Fine.

So the plan is that, we’ll be watching movie. But there’s a chance too, that they might back out. Fine; I’ll go and watch alone if that happens and I’ll bear the risk of bumping into someone I know.

Perhaps you might think, I’m a loser. Perhaps you might think, I’m not a likable person. I don’t know, and neither do I care so much. For I know, I had many good friends before, but they simply not around to watch movies with me. I miss them, and I know they miss me; we’ve told each other before. We have promised to meet up soon, and at least that I know, is a promise that will be kept.

so, right now, I’ll be watching Memoirs of a Geisha next week with some ‘friends’. We’ll be having dinner and chit chat and laugh and tease each other, but I know, as soon as the lights dim down in the cinema, I’ll be alone.

that’s how lonely I feel nowadays.

DYK: I like baileys on the rock.


One Response to “when it’s no longer”

  1. angel Says:

    watching movie alone is not a sin…

    sounds to me, u are afraid of being alone…

    why is that so? there’s no need to be afraid, you know…


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